Polls Close at 8 tonight, but if you’re there by then, you can Still cast your ballot 

As your blog author is perusing Social Media and TV that there are extremely long lines throughout the day at Polling Stations in the county. Specific places that I know that have long lines is

North Union VFW in Evans Manor (Lemont Furnace)- 20 minute wait this morning 

Dunbar Township 1 and 2 Polling stations (Connellsville Alliance Church and Shutsy Terminal at the Hardy Connellsville Airport)- 

 Connellsville Alliance had about 45 minutes turnaround 

Shutsy Terminal has about 10-25 voters outside at any given time.


You may be standing in line at your Polling station now, however, don’t leave. Pennsylvania voting rights state “as long as you are standing in line at the closing of polls (8:00 PM), you will still be permitted to cast your vote”

So if you are still in line and contemplating leaving the long lines and go have something to eat DON’T! 


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