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Several Fayette County school district incumbents face challengers

Several school district board incumbents seeking re­election will find it more difficult, with numerous challengers tossing their hat into the political ring.

School board candidates are permitted to cross file. Depending upon party registration, voters will choose four candidates from the respective list.

In the Albert Gallatin School District race the four incumbents — Michael F. Dunham of Springhill Township, Betty Leonard Moser of Georges Township, Kenneth J. Plisko of German Township and Doug Sholtis of Nicholson Township — will be challenged in their reelection bid on both the Democratic and Republican tickets.

In addition to the four, Jana L. Detrick of Georges Township, Carla R. Franks of Masontown, Jeff Myers of Georges Township, Ryan J. Porupski of Nicholson Township and Richard W. Reynolds II of Georges Township will appear on the Democratic ticket. Robert L. Mangold of German Township, plus Dunham, Moser, Plisko, Sholtis, Detrick, Franks, Myers, Porupski and Reynolds will appear on the Republican ticket.

In the Brownsville Area School District race, the four incumbent directors have filed their petitions for re­election, with two other candidates challenging them for the party nomination.

Incumbents Andrew Assad, Richard A. Gates and Gary Seelye of Luzerne Township and Ron Dellarose Jr. of Redstone Township will be challenged by Sherril D. Carney and Seth H. Johnston, both of Luzerne Township.

The four incumbent Connellsville Area School District directors opted not to seek re­election, according to unofficial election bureau records.

Dr. Paul Means, Gary Wandel, Jay Fox and James Duncan did not file petitions to appear on the ballot.

However, 10 other candidates will seek the Democratic and Republican nod in the spring primary, including James E. Bigam and Frank Jacobyansky of Connellsville, Donald S. Grenaldo, Michael J. Omatick, Bob L. Renzi, George Stash III and Alonzo Vielma of Dunbar Township, David J. Martray of South Connellsville Borough, David Panzella of Bullskin Township and Cajetan Stepanic of Saltlick Township. All the candidates will appear on both tickets.

Four candidates, including two incumbents and two challengers, will appear on the ballot in the Frazier School District contest,

Incumbents Deborah Vargo Alekson and Thomas E. Shetterly, both of Perryopolis, and Jill Devine of Perry Township will appear on the Democratic ballots with Alekson, Devine and Francy Angelo of Jefferson to appear on the Republican ballot.

The ballot in the Laurel Highlands School Board race will have two incumbents and eight other candidates vying for the four available seats.

Incumbents Bev Beal of North Union Township and Tom Landman of South Union Township will seek re­election. Current board member Ira Chrise opted not to be on the ballot.

Board member Angelo “Angie” Giachetti of Uniontown died last month following a brief illness.

Others appearing on the Democratic ballot include Kathryn Chiplaskey, Marie George, Daniel Hoff and Eric Witt of South Union Township and Brandi B. Kalich, Thomas Pat Lavery, Georgia Miller and Randy R. Raymond of North Union Township.

All the candidates, except Witt, will also appear on the Republican ballot.

Uniontown School District directors Terry L. Dawson, Bill Gerke and Don Rugola of Uniontown and William Rittenhouse Jr. of Franklin Township will not be challenged in their bid for re­election.

Larry Blosser, Fayette County Election Bureau director, said challenges to the municipal petitions must be filed with the election bureau by March 14. The last day for candidates to withdraw their name from the ballot is March 22.

The primary election is May 16.

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