Local businessman announces candidacy for North Union supervisor

A lifelong Lemont Furnace resident and local businessman is seeking a two-year term for the position of North Union Township supervisor in the May 16 primary.

Larry Russman, known for his work with Larry’s Plate & Title Service and the Larry Russman Insurance Agency, said his business background and ability to manage employees would come in handy as a supervisor.

“I feel that I’m the only candidate running that has experience and works with, and handles, employees,” he said.

Russman also credited his ability to create and work within a set budget.

“You see so many municipalities and county commissioners and state officials create and exceed budgets,” Russman said. “I feel my experience with budgets, though, overshadows anything that other candidates might have.”

The position was held by long-time supervisor Tom Kumor. Prior to Kumor’s retirement last year, Russman unsuccessfully ran against him. Township resident and former tax collector Rob Kovach was temporarily appointed to the seat.

Russman said he hopes the third time’s the charm.

“The other supervisors and I would work together as a team, and I know how to work with people,” he said. The other two seats are held by Rob Tupta and Curt Matthews. “I can hash things out with anybody.”

If elected, Russman said he would like to create jobs and income for the township, while increasing recreational opportunities for the township youth.

“One of the main reasons would be to focus the attention of our children to activities instead of the current crime and drug issues at hand,” Russman wrote, adding that he vows to work with law enforcement and crime watch organizations to “keep us safe and crime free.”

Russman called himself a “go-getter,” noting that he is anxious to do whatever he can to bring new businesses to the township.

He commended the previous and former supervisors for keeping a stagnant tax rate, the lowest in the county. Those low rates should provide good incentive for prospective businesses, he said.

“I understand that we have other issues in our township, such as deciding issues of public safety, spending, growth management, zoning, code enforcement, environmental and how to pay for it all,” Russman wrote. “I am willing to work alongside my fellow supervisors to make sure we get the job done quickly; and together we can work hard for a bright future for North Union Township and the residents we serve.”

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