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Masontown Borough Races

Incumbent Masontown Mayor Toni Petrus secured the Democratic Party nomination against challenger Tom Loukota, a former mayor, according to unofficial results from Tuesday’s primary.

With 100 precincts reporting as of Wednesday morning, Petrus had 265 votes, or 59.68 percent of the votes cast, and Loukota had 179 votes, or 40.32 percent, according to the unofficial results.

“Thanks to all of my friends and the voters of Masontown for having the confidence in me to put me in for another four years,” Petrus said Tuesday night.

Petrus, who has been working for the Fayette County sheriff’s office for 23 years, is running for her third consecutive term in office. Her late father also served as mayor.

Loukota, who is retired, served on council from July 2001 through 2005 and mayor from 2006 through 2009 when he was defeated by Petrus. The biggest issue in the race is availability, Loukota said. Being available during the day would enable him to answer phone calls and respond in person to complaints and other issues.

Petrus said she is available at any time and working in the Fayette County Courthouse has enabled her to build working relationships with county officials and law enforcement. She said her cell phone number is included in the message on the answering machine in her borough office.

In the Democratic primary for four four ­year terms on borough council, incumbents Frank McLaughlin, Charles A. Corcoran and Bruce A. Cochrane, and challenger Samuel Chahl won nominations.

Chahl led the candidates with 223 votes, Corcoran was second with 212, Cochrane had 195 and McLaughlin had 197, according to the unofficial results. Incumbent Harry Lee had 161 votes, incumbent Kay Rendina had 136, challenger Pat Lubits Gump also had 164, challenger Madeline Maddy Arnold had 173 and challenger Rich Wiggins 95, according to unofficial results.

McLaughlin and Cochrane also secured nominations for two ­year terms on council. Cocharane had 113 votes and McLaughlin had 119, defeating challengers Tony Brnusak, who had 153, and Louise Durinzi, who had 38, according to unofficial results. There were no Republican candidates in any of the races

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