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Bullskin Township Election Update

Despite write-in campaigns for both Democratic and Republican candidates, the race for Bullskin Township supervisor will look the same on the ballot in November as it did in May, with Democrat Scott Keefer squaring off against Republican Chris Ohler. Keefer secured the Democratic nomination with 345 votes. Write in Democratic votes went to Chris Ohler with 115 and Carl Butler with 109, but were not enough to knock Keefer off the ballot. Ohler received 283 votes as the declared Republican candidate. Republican write-ins were Carl Butler with 91 votes and Scott Keefer with 83.

The Bullskin tax collector’s race will see Leslie Wiltrout’s name as both the Democratic and Republican nominee, where all candidates ran write-in campaigns. Wiltrout received 214 votes to secure the Democratic nomination over Lisa Argiro with 123 votes, Ginny Martin with 51 and Lou Bell with 10. Wiltrout received 173 votes on the Republican ballot to Argiro’s 76 and Martin’s 48.

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