election results, Municipal Elections

Bullskin Township Preliminaries

Chris R. Ohler wlll more than likely become the new supervisor in Bullskin with a race of 345 to incumbent Scott Keefer’s 210.

More than likely, Leslie Wiltrout will become the township’s new Tax Collector with total of 495 votes (243 Democrat/252 Republican)

Christopher J. Lacey will more than likely fill the 6-Year Auditor Seat with 354 votes, barring any write-ins.

Write-In votes will tell the fate for Judges and Inspectors of Elections in Districts 1 and 2 (Bullskin School, Bullskin Central Fire Station)

However in the Bear Rocks Community District, there was a little bit of a contested race with Julia E. Weeks becoming Judge of Elections with 199 Votes, For Inspector of Elections, Mark Allen Fiano championed with 154 votes, compared to Laurie McGinnis’ 101, again, barring any write-ins.


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