election results, Municipal Elections

Connellsville City

Greg Lincoln, the sole candidate and incumbent for mayor will likely retain his seat with  611 votes

Tom Karpiak will retain his seat with 413 votes. Robert Topper Jr. will be invited to the table garnishing a total of 388 democratic and 275 republican votes.

The conroller vote will be decided later via a write-in process.

Marilyn V. Weaver will retain her seat as city treasurer with 596 votes

The two constables up for reelection, Albert Rocky Younkin and Hubie Coleman for Wards 1 and 2 Respectively will retain their seats with 226 and 132 votes respectively.

Judge of Elections in Ward 1 Susan Joy Lewis will retain her seat with 212 votes. There was no candidate for Inspector in Ward 1

In Wards 2 and 3, write-in contests will tell the fate of the seats for Judge and Inspector of Elections

However at Ward 4 on the West Side, Donna Karwatsky and Rita will more than likely retain their seats as Judge of Elections and Inspector of Elections, respectively.


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