election results, Municipal Elections

North Union Township

In North Union, Ron Landman will likely become the next township Supervisor for six years, barring any write-ins.

Incumbent James M. Mari retained his seat as tax collector, defeating Theresa “Tina” Allen by a margin of 1,204 to 664.

Donald C. Santore received the seat as six year auditor.

Lawrence McLaughlin will likely become the four year auditor defeating Stephanie Matthews by a 977-770 margin

Armand J. DeFrank and Gwendolyn O. Ridgley will become Judge and Inspector of Elections in District 1 respectively.

Over to District 2, Char;es Gibbs will become Judge of Elections, while Betty Nicklow defeated Laureen Livingston by a 404-275 margin for the spot.

Down to District 3 where a write in contest will tell the fate of the Judge of Elections, however Mary M. Klink regained the seat as Inspector of Election in District 3

Roberta Show in District 4 attained the seat for both the Judge of Election and Inspector of Election, this will have to be ironed out by the election bureau at a later date.

A Write-In  Contest will have to tell the fate of both the Judge of Election and Inspector of Election out in District 5.

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