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Rep. Warner announces re-election bid for state House

Rep. Ryan Warner (R-52nd) announced that he will seek re-election to the State House of Representatives to continue his work of protecting taxpayers, fighting for jobs and values and reforming state government.

Warner is serving his second term and is known for providing local residents with a strong voice in state government.

“I was elected to put people before politics, and I have done that as state representative,” Warner said. “I am proud of my work to enable local families to keep more of their hard earn money; my fight for our hometown values; and my efforts to provide local seniors and residents with the services they need. We have made positive steps, but I know there is more that needs done for the hard-working men and women I serve. That is why I am running for re-election.” Warner continues to lead on reforming state government. During his first two terms in office, he has honored his promise to refuse the costly per diems, state car and state pension. Warner was also one of the few House members who did not accept a paycheck during the extended 2015 budget impasse.

“I grew up in a blue collar household,” Warner said. “So when I ran for election, I promised that I would continue to live like the residents I serve. That’s why I refused the costly perks and have worked so hard to reform the system to better protect taxpayers.”

In the House, Warner is respected for being a common sense legislator who knows that residents cannot afford higher taxes, especially when the majority of these tax dollars go to Philadelphia instead of Fayette or Westmoreland counties. He was a leading supporter of a Constitutional Amendment to provide reasonable spending limits, performance-based budgeting legislation that became law and is part of a bipartisan group of reform legislators who continue to work for a responsible budget process.

“Gov. Wolf continues to propose higher taxes in order to support bigger, more expensive government,” Warner said. “I know there are better ways to balance the budget. That is why I fought for strong measures to stop welfare fraud and abuse to ensure those most in need receive help while helping to reduce costs. During the budget process, I will continue to side with hard-working taxpayers by opposing Gov. Wolf’s excessive tax and spend plans.”

Warner has voted to pass budgets that were fiscally responsible, focused spending on priorities and did not raise taxes. In fact, the budget proposals he has supported provided additional funding for education and important programs that would benefit local residents, seniors and children. Warner has also worked to refocus education on teaching children the important skills they need for success, rather than teaching to a test.

“As the father of two children, I support our public school system and the teachers who work hard to help provide our kids with the skills they need to succeed after graduation,” Warner said. “That is why I supported budgets in the House that provided record funds for our schools. However, I also understand that a quality education is not just about money and must be affordable to property taxpayers. That is why I supported a historic proposal to reform the pension system, which is a driving cost to governments at all levels, but especially for school districts.”

Warner is a proven fiscal conservative committed to making Pennsylvania more business-friendly and to supporting our energy and coal industries, which have a new friend in the Trump administration. As representative, he has opposed irresponsible federal and state policies in order to keep the jobs we have and to grow the economy to create new local jobs. Warner has promoted the responsible development of Marcellus Shale natural gas without eliminating the impact fee, which has delivered millions of dollars for local improvements.

“The people of Fayette and Westmoreland counties have told me repeatedly that now is not the time for broad-based tax increases,” Warner said. “They want responsible fiscal leadership that cuts wasteful government spending, fosters sustainable job growth and forces government to live within its means like our families must do.”

Born and raised here, Ryan learned the importance of hard work, faith, family and service to others from his family. His grandfathers and their families were trusted members of our community. Charles Warner was a local farmer, and John Marks was in real estate. His father, Jim, owns and operates JTE Logging. His mother, Annette, is a branch manager at PNC Bank.

Throughout his life, Warner has helped his father with the family’s logging business. He began in high school by stacking, sorting and cutting lumber before working his way up to operating and maintaining the sawmill machinery and heavy equipment.

Warner attended Frazier High School and graduated from Penn State University. Following college, he went to work for Siemens Industry in Westmoreland County as a project controller. As a result of a tough economy, Siemens reduced its workforce and Warner was one of those who were let go after nearly five years on the job.

“My story is like many other western Pennsylvanians,” Warner said. “As state representative, I never forget the importance of providing people with a reliable safety net and effective job retraining programs when needed so they can get back to work supporting their families. I work hard every day to keep the jobs we have and to grow our economy to create new local jobs.”

Warner has also been an effective legislator who is fighting for our values in Harrisburg. His bipartisan legislation to cut government red tape was signed into law just five months after he took office. He has introduced common sense legislation including bills to make English the official language of Pennsylvania, provide tax credits to our volunteer firefighters and EMS workers and to stop wasteful government spending.

Warner co-sponsored bills to protect pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and pro-family values. He has also put workers first by supporting efforts to deny public benefits to illegal immigrants. Ryan and his wife Leslie reside in Perryopolis where they are raising their two children, Paloma and Ben. They are members of St. John the Baptist Parish. He has deep family roots in our community and is an avid hunter and sportsman.

The 52nd District includes portions of Fayette and Westmoreland counties. Warner is seeking the Republican nomination in the May primary election.

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