election results

City of Uniontown

In Ward #1 Dana L. Fayock secured the nod to the county Republican Committee with 55 votes. No candidates filed for either the Committeeman or Committeewoman for the Democratic Patry.

In Wards #2, 3, 4, 6 or 7 No candidates filed for either party Commiteeman or Committeewoman.

In Ward #5, while there were no candidates for either the Democratic Committeeman or Committeewoman, the two Republican seats were secured by Vickee B. Altman gaining 30 votes and Gary N. Altman securing 34 votes.

In Wards #2, 3, 4, 6 or 7 No candidates filed for either party Committeeman or Committeewoman.


election results

South Union Township

In South Union District #1, Randall Vernon secured a seat as Democratic Committeeman, while Delores Martin secured a seat as Democratic Committeewoman, receiving each 406 and 417 votes respectively. Both seats were secured on the Republican Committee from District #1 as well with Twila K. Young and Robert A. Smith Sr. gaining 133 and 158 votes respectively.

In District #2, Harry V. Joseph Secured the Democratic Committeeman nod while Rose Ann Joseph secured the Democratic Committeewoman nod, each receiving 149 and 160 votes respectively. For the Republican Committee in District #2, Gregory Chrash and Melany Chrash gained seats to the County Committee with 128 and 126 votes, Respctively

Out in District #3, Jason Scott secured the Democratic Committeeman seat with 184 votes. No Candidate filed for the Democratic Committeewoman seat nor a Republican Committee seat in District #3 at the Hutchinson School.