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Lieutenant Governor

The race for lieutenant Govneror changed the norms in the Commonwealth for the first time in decades.

For the first time in many decades, a candidate other than the incumbent in a relection year as a lieutenant did not retain their seat. Notable Braddock Mayor John K. Fetterman will likely secure the democratic nod with 288,229 votes as the likely Democratic Noiminee under Governor Wolf.

Conceders include Nilofer Nina Ahmad with 182,309 votes (23.75%) Kathleen Cozzone with 142,410 votes (18.55), current Lieutenant Governor Michael Stack with 127,259 votes (16.58) and Raymond Sosa with 20,427 votes (3.57%)

As for the Republican Lieutenant Challenger in the fall, Scott Wagner’s mate Jeffery A. Bartos will likely be challenging with 317,619 votes. Concedes are Kathleen Ann Coder with 147,805/21.78% votes, Washington County Commissioner Diane Irey Vaughn with 119,400 votes/17.60% and Marguerite A Luksik with 93,667 Votes.

Please keep in mind, while all Fayette County districts have reported, there are 29 commonwealth wide that have not, nor have military or absentee nor write-in challenges been completed.

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