election results

Redstone Township

In District #1 of Redstone, Richard Worley, Sr secured the nod for Democratic Committeeman in that precinct with 111 votes, there wasn’t a Democratic Committeewoman nor any Republican Committee Candidates on the Ballot at District #1

At the District #2 Poll, Tom Zimmerlink, Jr. secured a seat to the Republican Committee with 51 votes. Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, there was a contest for the Committeeman seat and it was attained by Ronald Dellarose Jr. with 93 votes. Conceding the seat was Dwayne C. Thomas with 54 votes. Democratic Committee was also a contest in District #2 and Patricia “Patty” Hennessy secured the seat with 85 votes. Conceding will be Melinda Deal-Dellarose with 67 votes.

In District #3, Bob Yatsko secured a seat at the table for  the Republican Committee with 57  votes, however, there wasn’t a Democratic Committeeman or Committeewoman on the Ballot in District #3.

At District #4, Juanita Thomas secured a the Democratic Committeewoman seat in that precinct with 39 votes. There were no candidates for Democratic Committeeman nor Republican Committee at the 4th Precinct.

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