Bid Notice

German Twp. Accepting Bids

The German Township Board of Supervisors will be accepting Stone
Bids for the 2019 Calendar year to be opened at the regular monthly
meeting on October 9th, 2018. Sealed proposals will be received by
the German Township Supervisors at 2 Long Street, McClellandtown,
Pa. 15458 until 3:00 pm on October 9th, 2018, for the Following.

1) 150 Tons of Cold Patch
2) 500 Tons #1-B Stone
3) 500 Tons of #2 Stone
4) 1,250 Tons of #2-A Stone
5) 1,250 Tons of #2-B Stone
6) 500 Tons of #3 Stone
7) 200 Tons of #4 Stone
*Above is Materials Only*
9) 10,000 Gallons on Road Diesel Fuel – Delivered
10) 7,500 Gallons of Off Road Diesel Fuel – Delivered
11) 7,500 Gallons – Gasoline – Delivered

Liquidated Damages Apply. Proposals must be upon the forms furnished
by the Municipality. Winning Bid is valid until the regularly
scheduled meeting on October 11th, 2018.

German Township Supervisors
Floyd “Buster” Gladman, Chairman
Steve Clark, Vice Chairman
LC Otto, Supervisor/Secretary

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