election results

Mahoney loses bid for former seat in 51st District

In a rematch to see who would represent the 51st Legislative District, state Rep. Matthew Dowling secured a second term as state representative.

Receiving 55.91 percent of the vote, the Uniontown Republican won his rematch with former state Rep. Tim Mahoney Tuesday. Mahoney, a Democrat, served five terms in office before losing to Dowling in 2016.

Dowling received 72.44 percent of the vote in Somerset County. He received 51.38 percent in Fayette County.

During the campaign, Dowling said he wanted to find federal funds to finish four-lane Route 219 to Maryland. Dowling also said he wanted to address how opioid and narcotic prescriptions are transmitted from doctor’s offices to local pharmacies, and put more limits on unfunded mandates in school districts.

Last week, Dowling filed a petition against Mahoney and his campaign in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas to prevent the campaign from publishing “false and misleading” material about him. Dowling said Mahoney’s actions violated the Pennsylvania Election Code. Fayette County Judge Gerald Solomon denied the petition Monday.

Mahoney, who received 44.09 percent of the vote, said this was a nasty, dirty campaign. He said he is not planning to run again in two years. Mahoney won 27.46 percent of the vote in Somerset County.

The 51st District covers parts of Fayette and Somerset counties.

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