Saltlick Township Election Update

In Saltlick Township. Democrat John Pritts was unopposed for the supervisor’s nomination and received 106 votes, while Republican Tim Coffman won the republican nomination with 149 votes to Rick Gales’ 72 votes. Democrat Shari Bukovac was unopposed for tax collector and got 179 votes. She also captured the Republican nomination with 10 votes.

North Union Election Election Update

In North Union Township the November election will see Democrat Ron Landman against Republican David Hughes. Landman defeated three other Democrats to win the nomination. Ed Jobes received 327 votes, Larry Russman had 206 votes and David Molchan captures 155 votes. Hughes was the only name on the Republican ballot, where he received 210 votes. Landman received 131 write-in votes and Jobes got 27 write-ins.

For tax collector it will be Democrat James Mari against Republican Theresa Allen. Mari was the only Democratic candidate. Allen defeated Mary Jo Susano-Chisler 204-193 on the Republican ballot.

Dunbar Twp. Election Update

In Dunbar Township the race for supervisor will see Democrat Keith Fordyce facing Republican John R. Romanko who defeated Mark E. Virgillo, who received 55 votes. Fordyce had received 56 Republican votes and Romanko got 13 votes on the Democratic ticket.

Marigrace Butela was unopposed for tax collector on the Democratic ticket and won the Republican nomination as a write-in candidate as well.

Connellsville Township Election Update

In Connellsville Township Todd Miner will be the lone name on the ballot for supervisor, securing 76 write-in votes on the Democratic ballot and 44 on the republican ballot. Incumbent Tom Cesario, who had announced that he was not seeking re-election, received 25 votes on each ballot as well.

James Stephens, a Democrat, will be the only name on the ballot in November, having secured the Republican nomination as well with 46 write-in votes.

Bullskin Township Election Update

Despite write-in campaigns for both Democratic and Republican candidates, the race for Bullskin Township supervisor will look the same on the ballot in November as it did in May, with Democrat Scott Keefer squaring off against Republican Chris Ohler. Keefer secured the Democratic nomination with 345 votes. Write in Democratic votes went to Chris Ohler with 115 and Carl Butler with 109, but were not enough to knock Keefer off the ballot. Ohler received 283 votes as the declared Republican candidate. Republican write-ins were Carl Butler with 91 votes and Scott Keefer with 83.

The Bullskin tax collector’s race will see Leslie Wiltrout’s name as both the Democratic and Republican nominee, where all candidates ran write-in campaigns. Wiltrout received 214 votes to secure the Democratic nomination over Lisa Argiro with 123 votes, Ginny Martin with 51 and Lou Bell with 10. Wiltrout received 173 votes on the Republican ballot to Argiro’s 76 and Martin’s 48.

Vanderbilt Election Update

In Vanderbilt the only real race in November, barring third party and write-in candidates, is for tax collector, where  Democratic candidate Lisa Washabaugh received 29 votes to write-in candidate David L. Brady Jr.’s 21 votes to secure the nomination.

Brady, however, launched a successful Republican write-in campaign, where he won the nomination with 20 votes.

Richard Adobato was the only mayoral candidate, receiving 41 votes for the Democratic nomination for mayor. There were also four Democrats running for the four open seats on council. Duane King received 54 votes, Harry Gray Jr. received 43 votes, Betty Keffer got 41 votes and Thomas Sankovich received 30 votes.

South Connellsville Election Update

In South Connellsville the race for mayor in November will feature Democrat James Manges, who received the party nomination with 118 votes and Jay Fox III, who received the Republican nomination with 59 votes. Democratic former mayor Peter Casini received 86 votes on the Democrat ballot, failing to win the nomination.

There will be four Democrats and four Republicans vying for the council seats in November, the same as in the Primary. On the Democratic ballot is was Donnie Ringer with 150 votes, Jerry Reagan with 143, Mary M. Riley Mert with 119 and James Swink with 106. In the republican race it was George Jay, 79, Kimberly S. Laws, 71, Shelley Mattis, 61 and Karen Holbrook 39.

The only candidate for tax collector was Joe Helms on the Republican ticket.

Perryopolis Election Update

There will be no changes in the ballot due to write-ins for mayor, council or tax collector in Perryopolis. Three Democrats and no Republicans sought the mayor’s office with Mark W. Plewniak coming out on top for mayor with 95 votes to Charles Bud Petrosky’s 85 votes and Anthony Casey’s 55 votes. There are four open seats for council, with four Democratic candidates. All four will appear on the ballot in November. George Usher received 166 votes, Paul E. Black received 144 votes, Frank Masney Jr., had 116 votes and Linda L. Smith received 115 votes.

Gina Dreucci, a Democrat, was the only candidate for tax collector.

Everson Borough Election Update

Joseph W. Dugger received 43 votes for mayor on the Democratic ballot in the Primary, with no Republican candidates either on the ballot or as write-in candidates. There were only three candidates on the ballot for the four open seats on Everson council in the Primary, but four will appear on the November ballot. George Sherbondy is the lone Democratic candidate. He received 50 votes in the Primary. Appearing on the republican ballot were Michael Banaszak with 27 votes and Linda Gigliotti with 23 votes. Eric Christner received the minimum 10 votes needed as a write-in candidate to appear on the ballot in November.