election results

Saltlick Township

In Saltlick Township, no candidates filed for either a Democratic Committeeman or Committeewoman. However the two seats for the Republican Committee are now occupied by Audra and Ronald Cruder, who gained 142 and 154 votes, respectively. The Democratic results could change at a later date barring any successful write-in candidates.

election results

Redstone Township

In District #1 of Redstone, Richard Worley, Sr secured the nod for Democratic Committeeman in that precinct with 111 votes, there wasn’t a Democratic Committeewoman nor any Republican Committee Candidates on the Ballot at District #1

At the District #2 Poll, Tom Zimmerlink, Jr. secured a seat to the Republican Committee with 51 votes. Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, there was a contest for the Committeeman seat and it was attained by Ronald Dellarose Jr. with 93 votes. Conceding the seat was Dwayne C. Thomas with 54 votes. Democratic Committee was also a contest in District #2 and Patricia “Patty” Hennessy secured the seat with 85 votes. Conceding will be Melinda Deal-Dellarose with 67 votes.

In District #3, Bob Yatsko secured a seat at the table for  the Republican Committee with 57  votes, however, there wasn’t a Democratic Committeeman or Committeewoman on the Ballot in District #3.

At District #4, Juanita Thomas secured a the Democratic Committeewoman seat in that precinct with 39 votes. There were no candidates for Democratic Committeeman nor Republican Committee at the 4th Precinct.

election results

North Union Township

For North Union Township District #1, Joe Beal secured the Democratic Committeeman nod with 157 votes while Pamela Hudson secured the Democratic Committeewoman Nod with 162 votes. There were no Republican Committee Members on the ballot in District #1.

Over in District #2, Patrick Livingston secured the Democratic Committeeman nod with 172 votes, while the Democratic Committeewoman seat remains vacant in District #2, Theresa “Tina” Allen secured a republican seat there with 124 votes.

Up in District #3, Mark L. Martin secured the Democratic Committeeman nod with 64 votes while Sue E. Martin secured the Democratic Committeewoman nod with 62 votes. On the Republican side in District #3, Scott R. Cully and George W. Semans secured both seats of the precinct to the Republican Committee with 42 and 37 votes, respectively.

Down in District #4, Larry Koko Fetsko secured 170 votes for the Democratic Committeeman and Bobbi Ruggieri secured the Democratic Committeewoman nod with 168 votes. Roberta and David Show secured republican nods for the committee with 109 and 114 votes respectively.

Out in District #5, Walter E. Lehman secured the Democratic Committeeman with 49 votes while Judy Cole secured the Democratic Committeewoman nod with 49 votes. No candidates filed for the Republican Seats in District #5.