School Board Reorganization

AG School Board Reorganizes

The Albert Gallatin Area School Board will experience a change in leadership in 2019.

Directors appointed Janet Swaney as president and Carla Franks as vice president.

Edward Colebank and Michael Dunham will remain board secretary as board treasurer, respectively. Andrews & Price Attorneys at Law of Pittsburgh was reappointed board solicitor at a monthly rate of $600 and an hourly rate of $100, both of which remain the same as last year.

School director Ryan Porupski was appointed to serve as the district’s representative on the Southwest Regional Tax Bureau Executive Committee, with business manager Denise Sheetz selected to serve as an alternate.

Directors reappointed Paul Dunham to the Fayette County Career and Technical Institute (FCCTI) joint operating committee for a three-year term, and Charity Grimm Krupa to the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) legislative council.

The board welcomed new school director Betty Moser, who was appointed to fill a seat vacated by the resignation of Jeff Myers.

The board will continue to hold voting meetings at 6 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month, with work sessions being held at the same time on the prior Monday. All meetings will take place in the cafeteria of the former D. Ferd Swaney Elementary School.

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AG School Board Election Tally

4 Year Term, Vote for 4

  1. Jeff Myers – 2,397 / 25.18%
  2. Ryan J. Porupski – 2,216 / 23.28%
  3. Michael F. Dunham – 1,949 / 20.47%
  4. Carla L. Franks – 1,533 / 16.10%
  5. Doug Sholtis – 1,327 / 13.94%
  6. Charity Grimm Krupa – 64 / 0.66%

2 Year Term, Vote for 1

  1. Charity Grimm-Krupa – 1,716 / 52.88%
  2. Betty Moser – 1,523 / 46.93%

There were 3,535 Votes cast in the 14 Precincts where there are 13,127 Registered Voters giving a 26.93% Voter Turnout in the Albert Gallatin Area

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Albert Gallatin Area

Five people were vying for four seats on the AG School board they are listed from the top vote getters

Four-Year Term

  1. Jeff Myers – 2,396
  2. Michael F. Dunham – 2,296
  3. Ryan J. Poripski – 2,214
  4. Carla R. Franks – 1533
  5. Doug Sholtis – 1,326

Two Year Term

  1. Charity Grimm Krupa – 1,714
  2. Betty Moser – 1,522
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Candidate List – AG Schools

SCHOOL DIRECTORS – Albert Gallatin School District –
Fairchance Borough, Georges Township, German Township, Masontown Borough, Nicholson Township, Point Marion Borough, Smithfield Borough and Springhill Township
Four Year Term – Vote for Four
Jeff Myers Jeff Myers
Ryan J. Porupski Ryan J. Porupski
Carla R. Franks Doug Sholtis
Michael F. Dunham Michael F. Dunham
Two Year Term – Vote for Four   
Betty Leonard Moser (No Candidate Filed)
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AG School Board Update

While some races may be decided in court, the Albert Gallatin school board race on the Democratic side of the general election ballot will be determined by the selection of a “pill” pulled by two candidates that received the same number of votes. Jeff Myers, Ryan J. Porupski and Carla R. Franks secured the party nomination, but candidates Michael F. Dunham and Betty Leonard Moser tied for fourth place, with each receiving 912 votes. On the Republican ticket, Myers, Dunham and Porupski and Doug Sholtis secured the top four positions.

election results, School Board Elections

Five candidates secure Albert Gallatin school board nominations

A current Albert Gallatin Area school director topped the ballot of both parties in Tuesday’s primary election, according to unofficial results from the Fayette County Election Bureau.

Jeff Myers of Fairchance, who was recently appointed to temporarily fill a vacancy on the board, was the leading vote­-getter on both the Democratic and Republican tickets. He garnered 1,296 Democratic votes and 441 Republican votes.

Democrats also nominated newcomers Ryan Porupski of Smithfield with 1,000 votes and Carla R. Franks of Masontown with 936 votes.

Incumbents Michael Dunham and Betty Leonard Moser, both of Smithfield each received 413 votes, tying for the remaining place on the ballot.

Dunham and Porupski were also nominated on the Republican ticket, with 317 and 302 votes, respectively.

Incumbent Doug Sholtis of Martin also secured a nomination with 282 votes