School Board Reorganization

Brownsville Area School Board Reorganizes

The Brownsville Area School Board has retained all of its officers for 2019.

Ron Dellarose Jr. will remain board president, Cheryl Terravecchia as vice president, Gary Seelye as treasurer and John Harvey as secretary.

The board reappointed district business manager Bill Boucher to serve a one-year term on each the Southwest Regional Tax Bureau Executive Committee and the Fayette County Tax Collection Committee. Terravecchia will serve as the alternate representative for the tax bureau committee and director Rocky Brashear for the tax collection committee.

Directors reappointed Dellarose to the FCCTI joint operating committee for a three-year term.

The board retained Davis & Davis Attorneys at Law of Uniontown as board solicitor at a monthly retainer fee of $250 and an hourly rate of $85.

The board will continue to meet in regular session at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month in the auditorium of the Brownsville Area High School, with the exception of April, when the board will meeting on the third Wednesday, and July, when no meeting will be held. Work session will be held at 6 p.m. on the Monday prior to the voting meeting in the high school library.

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BASD Unofficial End Result

4 Year Term, Vote for 4

  1. Ron Dellarose Jr. – 1,498 / 24.52%
  2. Andrew Assad – 1,402 / 22.95%
  3. Richard A. Gates – 1,354 / 22.16%
  4. Gary Seelye-  1,103 / 18.05%
  5. Sherill D. Carney – 715 / 11.70%
  6. Justin Swartz – 18 / 0.30%
  7. NONE – 6 / 0.10%

2,122 Ballots were cast in Fayette County, where in Brownsville Borough, Brownsville, Luzerne and Redstone Townships, there was a 29.28 % Voter Turnout for Election day.


Municipal Elections, School Board Elections

Brownsville Area School Board

The Brownsville Area School District includes Browsville Borough and Township along with Redstone and Luzerne Townships and West Brownsville Borough in Washington County. Four seats are open at the board table.

  1. Ron Dellarose Jr. – 1,548
  2. Andrew Assad – 1,446
  3. Richard A. Gates – 1,397
  4. Gary Seelye – 1,142
  5. Sherill D. Carney – 735
Candidate List

Candidate List – Brownsville Schools

SCHOOL DIRECTORS – Brownsville School District 
Brownsville Township, Brownsville Borough, Luzerne Township   and Redstone Township in Fayette County and

West Brownsville Borough in Washington County

Four Year Term – Vote for Four  
Ron Dellarose, Jr. Ron Dellarose, Jr.  
Andrew Assad Andrew Assad  
Richard A. Gates Richard A. Gates  
Gary Seelye Sherril D. Carney