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Bullskin Township Supervisor, Auditor, Poll Workers results

In Bullskin Township, there is was a race this election for a six-year term supervisor. Incumbent Scott Keefer, with 345 votes for the democratic nod with Chris Ohler with 283 votes for the republican nod. However Township Resident Carl Butler is seeking a write in nod, so we will see if the ballot changes in time or not.

No Candidate filed for the Six-Year Term for Tax Collector in Bullskin

For Six Year Term Auditor in the Township, Christopher J. Lacey secured the Democratic nod with 416 votes. Leslie Wiltrout conducted a Write-In Campaign for Auditor, so ths may change as well.

There was no candidates that filed for either Judge or Inspector of Elections in Districts 1 (Bullskin School) or 2 (Bullskin VFC Central Station.)

However, at the Bear Rocks District. Julia E. Weeks secured the Democratic Nod for Judge of Elections with 88 Votes. With no Republican Challenger, she will likely attain that position in the fall. As for Inspector of Elections at Bear Rocks District, Democrat Laurie B. McGinnis with 87 votes will face off with Republican Mark Allen Fiano, who recieved 80 votes in the primary election/

election results, Municipal Elections

Brownsville Council Seats Attained, Other Borough Race Results

For three persons running for Brownsville Borough Council, their seats were attained this past spring primary as there were three seats, and no challengers, barring any write ins. Jack Lawver, Brenda Bush and John E. Unrue, Jr. all maintained the democratic nod for the general election in the fall and will likely retain their seats after that election.

It was a different story for Tax Collector in the Borough though, as there were two democrats vying for the nod in that party. Tena M. Congelio secured the nod with 152 votes, with the other candidate Wilbur McIntosh receiving 131 votes. Barring any write ins in the fall, Congilio will attain the spot in the fall.

No candidates filed for the six year auditor term.

In Ward 1, the Brownsville VFC #1 Polling Place, Marciene Hosler secured the nod for judge of elections, while Joanne Bogorae defeated Anna Stump for the Inspector of Elections on the Northside.

To the Second Ward at the South Brownsville VFD, Janice Novak and Bonita Jo Zosky secured positions as Judge of Elections and Inspectors of Election on the Southside respectively.

Up to South Hills Terrace in the Third Ward, Anita Huey secured the Judge of Elections. In the Inspector of Elections at South Hills, Irene Kurtz defeated William L. Huey 63-22 respectively

election results, Municipal Elections

Brownsville Township Tax Collector, 6-Year Auditor retain nods, however Supervisor and others have vacancies

Brownsville Township Tax Collector Anna M. Gadd and 6-Year Auditor Marilyn McCoy have retained their positions for the primary. However, there remains a vacancy for the supervisor 6-year term, 2-year term auditor, judge of elections and inspector of elections