School Board Reorganization

Frazier School Board Reorganizes

The Frazier School Board voted unanimously to keep its current officers in place. Thomas Shetterly was maintained as president and Deborah Vargo-Alekson as vice president.

District business manager Kevin Mildren was appointed to represent the district for one year on the Southwest Regional Tax Bureau Executive Committee and the Fayette County Tax Collection Committee.

The board retained Davis & Davis of Uniontown as district solicitor at a rate of $500 per month and an hourly billing rate of $115, the same rate as 2018.

The board also set its slate of board meetings to be the third Monday of each month, beginning with a work session at 6 p.m. and the regular voting meeting immediately following at the administration building. The board will divert from that schedule in January, February and June when they meet on the fourth Monday of the month, and August and December when they meet on the first Monday of the month. There is no board meeting during the month of July.

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Frazier School Board

4 Year Term Vote For 4:

  1. Deborah Vargo Alekson – 907 / 23.39%
  2. Thomas E. Shetterly – 922  / 23.78%
  3. Jill Devine – 834 / 21.51%
  4. Stacey Erdely – 693 / 17.87%
  5. Francy Angelo – 506 / 13.05%

In the five precincts, there were 1,291 ballots cast from 4,880 registered voters bring voter tunrout to 26.45%.

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Frazier School Director

Five Candiates were vying for four seats on the Frazier School Board, here’s the result:

  1. Deborah Vargo Alekson – 907
  2. Thomas E. Shetterly – 858
  3. Jill Devine – 834
  4. Stacey Erdely – 693
  5. Francy Angelo – 506
Candidate List

Candidate List – Frazier Schools

SCHOOL DIRECTORS – Frazier School District

Jefferson Township, Lower Tyrone Township, Newell Borough, Perry Township, and Perryopolis Borough
Four Year Term – Vote for Four
Deborah Vargo Alekson Deborah Vargo Alekson
Thomas E. Shetterly Thomas E. Shetterly
Jill Devine Jill Devine
Stacey Erdely Francy Angelo
election results, Municipal Elections, School Board Elections

Frazier School Board Election Update

Stacey Erdely captured the fourth place spot on the Democratic ticket with 73 write­-in votes. Only three names were listed on the primary ballot with the three — Deborah Vargo Alekson, Thomas E. Shetterly and Jill Devine — receiving the party nomination. Shetterly, Alekson, Devine and Francy Angelo received the Republican nomination.

Municipal Elections, School Board Elections

All four Frazier School Board Spots filled

All of four Frazier School Board Seats have been literally filled as only three candidates cross filed in this primary and one ran on the republican party. Thomas E. Shetterly, Francy Angelo, Deborah Vargo Alekson, and Jill Devine all scored their nods for the fall election