School Board Reorganization

LH School Board Reorganizes

The Laurel Highlands School Board voted to retain many positions and committee appointments at its reorganization meeting for 2019.

Melvyn Sepic will serve another year as president while Debra Bortz will serve again as vice president.

Gary Frankhouser of Davis & Davis of Uniontown will continue as solicitor.

The board appointed Randy Raymond to a three-year term as FCCTI representative as Sepic’s term had expired. Raymond joins Beverly Beal and Jamie Miller-D’Andrea as LH representatives to the school.

Tom Landman was appointed representative to the Southwest Tax Bureau with Bortz appointed alternate representative. Both are one-year terms.

Nancy Glad was appointed legislative chair to serve as the district’s contact for the PSBA’s governmental relations and to serve as official district representative to PSBA. Alicia Santore was appointed legislative policy council alternative.

Raymond and Brandi Kalich were appointed representative and alternate representative, respectively, to the Fayette County Tax Collection Committee.

Board meetings will be held at 6 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month at the high school auditorium. Work sessions will be at 5 p.m. on the Tuesday immediately prior to the voting meeting in the administrative board room.

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Laurel Highland School Board

4 Year Term, Vote for 4:

  1. Tom Landman – 2,692 / 25.89%
  2. Randy R. Raymond – 2404 / 23.12%
  3. Bev Beal – 2,253 / 21.67%
  4. Brandi Kaloch – 1,706/  16.41%
  5. Marie George – 1,312 /  12.62%

In the 8 Precincts, 3,602 votes were cast from 14,240 voters giving a voter turnout rate of 25.29%.


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Candidate List – LH Schools

SCHOOL DIRECTORS – Laurel Highlands School District

North Union Township and South Union Township

Four Year Term – Vote for Four


Tom Landman Tom Landman
Bev Beal Bev Beal
Brandi B. Kalich Marie George
Randy R. Raymond Randy R. Raymond