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South Union Twp. Dist. #1

In South Union Township District #1, Randall Vernon secured the nod for Democratic Committeeman with 406 votes, While Dolores Martin secured the nod for Democratic Committeewoman with 417 votes.

As for Republican Committee in District #1 of South Union, Twila K. Young and Robert A. Smith Sr. secured nods with 133 and 158 respective votes.

election results

South Union Township

In South Union District #1, Randall Vernon secured a seat as Democratic Committeeman, while Delores Martin secured a seat as Democratic Committeewoman, receiving each 406 and 417 votes respectively. Both seats were secured on the Republican Committee from District #1 as well with Twila K. Young and Robert A. Smith Sr. gaining 133 and 158 votes respectively.

In District #2, Harry V. Joseph Secured the Democratic Committeeman nod while Rose Ann Joseph secured the Democratic Committeewoman nod, each receiving 149 and 160 votes respectively. For the Republican Committee in District #2, Gregory Chrash and Melany Chrash gained seats to the County Committee with 128 and 126 votes, Respctively

Out in District #3, Jason Scott secured the Democratic Committeeman seat with 184 votes. No Candidate filed for the Democratic Committeewoman seat nor a Republican Committee seat in District #3 at the Hutchinson School.