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Upper Tyrone Township

In Upper Tyrone Township, Democratic Committeeman Charles B. Cook secured his spot with 35 votes. Bambi Cook secured the nod to the Democratic Committeewoman spot in Upper Tyrone with 2 votes.

William A. Edwards will represent Upper Tyrone at the Republican Committee as he secured 2 votes being the top vote getter. As for the other seat. it as a face off between either Robert Callaro or Tammy Marchewka.

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Southmoreland School Board

4 Year term, Vote for 4

  1. Gail Rhodes – 1,573
  2. James Carson – 1,516
  3. Heather Trillow Smith – 1,091
  4. Charles Frye – 1,090
  5. Catherine Fike – 987
  6. Robert Callaro – 960
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Southmoreland School Directors

Four seats to be attained, district is Everson and Upper Tyrone Township in Fayette County as well as Scottdale and East Huntingdon Township in Westmoreland County. The results are barring write-ins

  1. Gail Rhodes – 1573
  2. James Carson – 1556
  3. Heather-Trillow Smith – 1091
  4. Charles Frye – 1090
  5. Catherine P. Fike – 969
  6. Robert Calliaro – 960
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Candidate List – Southmoreland

SCHIOOL DIRECTORS – Southmmoreland School District

Everson Borough and Upper Tyrone Township in Fayette County and East Huntingdon Township and Scottdale Borough  in Westmoreland County

Four Year Term – Vote for Four

Gail Rhodes Gail Rhodes
James Carson James Carson
Charles Frye Heather Trillow Smith
Robert Callaro Catherine F. Fike
election results, School Board Elections

Southmoreland School Board Race

In the Southmoreland School District three of the four incumbents who ran for another term were successful in moving on to the general election, where voters will pick four school board members.

Current board member Cheryl Shipley did not seek re­election, but Gail Rhodes, Charles Frye and Robert Callaro will have the opportunity to try and beat out newcomers James Carson and Heather Trillow Smith and former director Catherine Fike this fall.

With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, both the Fayette County and Westmoreland County combined votes show Democrats securing a spot in the fall will be Rhodes (621), Carson (615), Frye (492) and Callaro (372).

Those who didn’t make the top four on the Democratic ticket include Fike with 285 votes, Tony Lizza with 273 votes and Ryan O’Rear with 234 votes.

Carson and Rhodes were the top vote getters on the Republican ticket with 407 and 396 respectively, but Trillow Smith got the third spot with 371 votes and Fike grabbed the last spot with 355 votes. Frye followed with 353 votes, Callaro with 253, Lizza with 278 and O’Rear with 169.